Margaret Lea Houston
Wife of Sam Houston



Margaret Lea Houston was a well-educated, attractive southern belle who became the third wife of Sam Houston. Houston was many years her senior, but that did not slow their whirlwind courtship; she agreed to be his wife over the objections of her mother, only one week after they met. They were married about a year later on May 9, 1840.

The next twenty-five years of her life were largely influenced by the political affairs of Texas. Mr. Houston was often away from home, but because of health issues, Margaret did not join him in his travels. She devoted her life to creating a loving home for her husband to return to. Her time was spent writing poems and love letters to her husband, playing the harp and piano, raising her eight children and managing her large household.

Margaret was a devout Baptist and it is largely through her efforts that Houston joined the Baptist Church, and curtailed his drinking at the height of his political career.

Two ladies from Texana bring Mrs. Houston to life, each in their own way. Brenda Magee gives a traditional presentation while Barbara Welch presents Mrs. Houston as a widow in mourning for her husband.