Event Campsites

Our campsites are perfect for a variety of events and can be tailored to fit the Texas Revolution Era or include our chuckwagon and have more of a Cattle Era (1870’s) flavor. We use period style canvas tents and furnishings to give the feel of daily pioneer life. Our characters may portray a particular character from Texas history or may take the persona of a fictional composite character of the day. They will dress and carry on normal activities from the era. Visitors are welcomed to our camp and invited to, “sit a spell” and share the day with us. We have several “hands-on” activities that visitors can try for themselves including grinding corn, butter making, or playing with toys and games. Visitors may also see an informal spinning or quilting demonstration. They may even get to see and touch a selection of animal skins that were indigenous to Texas in the 1800’s or watch the cook prepare a meal.

Stage Performances are a wonderful compliment to our campsite. These usually take about an hour each and can be scheduled throughout the event at either the campsite or in an auditorium-style setting. Just think how great it would be for a fourth grader studying Texas history to see a stage performance by Sam Houston and then visit the campsite and get to chat with him about the issues of the day, or what games he played as a child or….

Pioneer Life-Skills and Crafts Demonstrations and Workshops may also be combined with our campsite. These may be at specifically scheduled times or ongoing during the event. We can conduct them at the campsite or in specially designated areas.

Please contact our office at 214-906-5792 or email kathy.ogle@swbell.net or more detailed information.